Questions and Answers FAQ

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Where do I begin?

Click on the Welcome menu on the navigation bar to get started. We are working on a Welcome video to be ready soon! 

How do I get help?

  • There is a HELP box at the bottom of most pages.
  • A Live Chat Operator can assist you. Model Madness is just getting started. Tell a friend! As more people from around the world join us, we want to have a Live Chat Operator online 24/7 (except major global holidays.) Our Live Chat Operators will speak English, French, Spanish, and other languages from his or her region in the world.

Can I post adult-oriented and pornographic content?

Here is the deal. We want everyone to have fun at Model Madness. We strongly encourage models and actors starting at a young age to join us. It is not our desire to expose young adults and others, including creative celebrities from culturally sensitive regions of the world to content, images, videos, and audios that they may consider offensive material. Use a link to take people to your website.


  • Post creative nude and similar material including text, images, videos, and audios in private folders for only friends to read and view. A friends folder is available for you to store them. It is a major violation and subject to immediate suspension or termination of membership. All sales are final.
  • Do not post adult-oriented content, images, videos or audios at Model Madness. It is a major violation and subject to immediate termination of membership. All sales are final.

 Are there any special privileges for being in the Model Madness Fan Club?

Yes! You will get special front-row invitations to all our events and activities at a reduced price. In addition, if there is a back-stage pass or party, you are cordially invited! More to follow.