Skinny Models are not real.

By Miguel Hidalgo (Supermodel: Bree)

Are you a small business in a rural town looking for models to help sell your car, boat or house? Are you sponsoring a yard sale, trade show or exhibit? Do you need a speaker to promote your special event? If you could quickly and easily find a talented “boy or girl next door,” would it make a huge difference in attendance and sales?

Finding an amateur or professional model is harder than ever to do. Now, there is an easier way. At Model Madness, posting a casting call and conducting a search in your town is quick and easy.

Don’t be afraid to contact models that have more experience and panache. The more experience they have the better. They can be found in the major cities.

But if you are willing to give newbies closer to home a chance, thank you. Inexperience may cost you and they can be difficult to work with due to lack of training and experience. But, give them a real chance and watch them do their very best for you. Once in a while, aspiring models may bring a pointless attitude. Point blank, they really have no idea what they are doing unless you are patient and creative enough to guide them along with a reputable photographer.

Yet, if you want models for free, that is not fair!

At the very least, offer to pay extra to the photographer to assemble a portfolio or composite card in exchange for a job. Make sure the photographer does not retain any rights to ownership and cannot reproduce the work without the written permission of the model. You get a finished product. They get photographs to enhance and grow their portfolio. Everyone is happy. Now that is a deal!

Model Madness is the perfect venue to hire models, photographers, hairstylists, make-up artists and designers.  If you see talented individuals, boy or girl, tell them about Model Madness.

Sign-up for an account. Set up your profile so that everyone knows you are legitimate. Start searching for your perfect model and production crew at a fraction of the time it takes doing embarrassing cold calls on the street and winging it alone. At Model Madness, they are ready and waiting for you.